Little jaunt to Portland

I love Maine.

I honestly believe it to be the only other place I would want to live in America - besides Boston and my hometown. And if we are being honest, I don't really love living in Boston. I don't love handwashing dishes, constant noise pollution, or not being able to paint the cabinets. Sometimes I look at my kitchen and just imagine how cute it would be if the cabinets were not colonial brown with a butter acid yellow backsplash. Adorable right?

This past week I took advantage of a light day and scooted up to Portland for a little jaunt. It feels like everyone and their brother (or maybe it's just their boyfriend) had been... and raved about it. For a long time I've gotten a lot of "I can't believe you haven't been!". Portland is seemingly known for great eats, great beer, and casual charm. While I didn't take advantage of all the breweries, I did have a great little day trip.

My light agenda for the day really just included driving to Portland and maybe seeing a lighthouse or two. When I talked about this little jaunt with my friend Meghan, she said she had always wanted to go to Peaks Island - so I added that to the list. I managed to see everything that I really wanted with the exception of Prouts Neck Cliff Walk. I did drive there... but there was absolutely zero parking because of all the beautiful houses. Another time.

Here is a quick little snapshot of it all...

[1] After a quick car ride, I managed to get to Portland in time for a 10:15 boat to Peaks Island. The ferry is only $7! Talk about a bargain… plus, it is just 15 minutes across the water to the island. 
[2] The island isn’t super big… in fact it is like only a 4 mile bike ride. Once you get off the boat, you are given the options of your two legs, a golf cart, and a bike. If I’m being honest, the only thing that really stopped me from the $20 golf cart was that they ran out. The bike place was seriously cute and maybe even “rustic” … plus it was $10. Steal.
[3] I biked past this house on my way to eating a breakfast sandwich. Half of the island looks just like this.
[4-6] Biked to one of the little resting spots on my bike map. I was pretty glad that I had saved some of my coffee and all of my breakfast sandwich for this one. Climbed right up on top of the rocks and soaked it all in.
[7-9] Unlike the bike riding in Provincetown, this was really easy… even with a super low bike seat. About half the route is just a pure ocean drive… with a load of mismatched benches to just sit and stare at. Not sure it gets cuter than that.
[10] After my bike ride, I had some time to kill before the boat ride back. While my first coffee was good, I spotted this little spot and gave it a shot. The coffee was flat out delicious. It tasted really similar to the Kohi iced coffee from Provincetown.
[11] Bye Bye Peaks Island.
[12-15] Portland Light was a pretty big highlight of the drive. I had picked up a BLT from a sandwich shop in downtown Portland after crushing a lot of cheese samples at the Cabot store (don’t skip the Everything Bagel cheese… it’s amazing). The lighthouse offered a great place to sit and eat my sandwich. Plus, you can see two lighthouses at once!

[16] A good road trip is accompanied by your favorite foods. On my way back to Boston, I had kind of hoped to go last minute strawberry picking … but missed it by 15 minutes. The consolation prize was my favorite ice cream. There is something seriously different and delicious about the ice cream from Russell Orchards.

parked at Fisherman's Wharf
ate at: Peaks Cafe, WickedGood food truck, Market Street Eats, Cabot Store
walked around Portland
drove to: Portland Light, Two Lights, Prouts Neck Point
biked around: Peak's Island

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