3rd tallest ship in the world

It's no secret that I am a huge ocean lover. I love looking at it, standing in it, taking pictures of it, etc. The little trick here is that I actually get sea sick. When I used to sail in college, I would take dramamine every day before practice. I'm not sure if there are any long term effects of that - but I'll probably find out in a dozen years.

Despite this little hiccup, I love boats - especially really old ones. I'm sorry but there is nothing really cool about a giant yacht. Yes, it is great for getting around comfortably and luxuriously... but, it isn't "cool" in the same way that an old wooden boat is. In line with this philosophy, I could not skip a visit to the Juan Sebastian De Elcano.

All in, I made three trips to Charlestown for this boat. The first was just to look since it wasn't visiting hours. The second was to visit... and the third was to visit with my dad. I might be getting these facts slightly wrong but at one point my Dad crewed on a Tall Ship (or just a really big ship) - so it was extra fun to explore the boat a bit with him. Fun fact? When I visited on the first day they left a bunch of guns  and sabers on the deck. By the time I came back three days later, they had stuffed those suckers below deck.

 The Juan Sebastian De Elcano is/was visiting Boston for a couple of days. De Elcano has quite a bit of history to it. It is the 3rd tallest ship in the world - and is currently a training ship for the Spanish Navy. Perhaps the most impressive fact is that she has covered the most nautical miles in history - 2 million miles. Other facts: 21 sails, 4 masts, 159 ft tall, and 371 ft long.


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