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Earlier last week, fates and calendars coincided to allow for a quick little day-trip to Provincetown. I had never been all the way to the tip of the Cape but it has been a favorite destination for my Mom. A few years ago I took a Winter day trip but stopped short of the tip... but I'm glad that I finally made it down there. Early summer is absolutely the season for Provincetown.

Provincetown is about a two hour drive from Boston with absolutely no traffic. Given the general propensity for traffic in Boston, we opted to take the fast ferry for a little adventure. While this was probably a little more than I would have liked to spend, the ferry was a great option for easy travel door to door.

There aren't many ways to do a photo dump... but here it goes. We had a really great 24 hrs and I would absolutely do it again ... but maybe by car. It honestly feels like a place you can't go wrong with a place to eat / walk  - and that just takes the pressure off a last minute trip.

[1] It should be noted that this ticket is stamped "rough seas". I can attest that they were in fact rough... and that 50% of us got sea sick. I would be that 50% ... while Kerrianne blocked anyone from entering the bathroom. 
[2 - 3] One of the cutest parts of the town was how some houses had names ... and the tiny little public walkways to the beach. I wish I had taken more pictures of the house names.
[4 - 5] I managed to convince Kerrianne that we should rent bikes and go to Race Point. While the end result was really pretty, it was not an easy ride to get there. There may have been bike paths the whole way... but it doesn't count when some of the hills feel like the Tour de France.
[6 - 10] Pretty much every house is really cute... The lighting never felt perfect for showcasing the doors, flowers, gardens, etc ... but we loved it. Plus, check out that giant American flag. Perfection.
[11 - 12] On our walk to drinks at the Red Inn, we came upon this super cute beach. The pier seems to have some sort of seasonal inn that I’m desperate to be a part of. As far as I’m concerned its equal parts ramshackle / nautical / spa with a view.
[13 - 16] While we didn’t eat adventurously, we did get to enjoy some new food and snacks. We loved the New Orleans cold brew coffee and the alcoholic ginger beer. At dinner we tried a little bit of pretty much everything including the tiniest pickles you have ever seen... and a new pasta (spaetzle) to try and make.
[17 - 18] On the morning before we left, we took a casual long walk to the Breakwater per the recommendation from the Kohi coffee guy. It was pretty low tide and all we could talk about was how much Ruby May would love it.
[19 - 20] We stayed at the Eben House for one night - and it was adorable. Everything from start to finish was just super thoughtfully done… and the breakfast was an amazing surprise. Rhubarb crumble! Banana Foster Waffles! Yogurt bar! I mean, I want to live in this hotel for a month.
[21 - 24] Calm seas for the return trip to Boston. Instead of counting the minutes to arrival, I counted lighthouses. Rather great.

stayed at Eben House
ate at: Squealing PigThe Red InnKohi coffeeNor'East Beer GardenTwisted Ice Cream
walked to: East End, West End, the Breakwater
biked to: Race Point Beach
skipped: Pilgrim Monument

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