memorial day wrap

It's hard to believe that it is almost the weekend again ... but I'm thankful for that.

There is something quite phenomenal about long weekends and Memorial Day came at the right moment. Nothing crazy, just the right moment for an extra couple hours away from Microsoft Outlook, pivot tables and sunset views from 12 floors above Boston.

I spent much of the three day weekend doing pretty much nothing. I've been trying to run more... so I ran each day. I'm trying to get back into cooking ... so I cooked three new things of which this was one. I'm trying to step back from my computer and phone ... so I did more reading in the hammock. I'm also trying to get into meditation ... so there is that. Long story short, it was pretty restorative and just what I think we all needed.
[1-2] On Saturday, my little brother asked me to take him for a ride... I obliged. He adorably suggested a box of donut holes and several ocean vistas. A boy after my own heart.
[3-5] We try to make the most out of our suburban garden. Last year it was a plethora of hot peppers that resulted in homemade hot sauce. This year? Who knows. I do know that Ruby May LOVES to roll in the dirt.
[6, 12] Meditation spots. Despite the view... some were more successful than others.
[7] One of the few recipes I tried this weekend. Not sure you can even call it a recipe but it was very refreshing and well received. Cheese tortellini, avocado, grilled chicken and diced red onion. Perfect for summer nights.
[9] I'd give up bacon for a month if it meant I could have fresh peonies for 3 months. My mom brought these home for me and I was crazy excited. I never used to be a fresh flower fan but peonies changed me on that.
[8, 10-11] Adventures with Ruby May. We did lots of beach walking and even mowed the lawn for my Dad. What a good sport. I gave her this floating water toy for Christmas and we were really excited to take it out in the backyard. #8 is when she gets really playful and does a little downward dog action. Love her.
[13] Suburban gardening is back. There is a pretty strong wind that whips down my street on certain days but I'm optimistic for the future of my two tomato plants. This year I'm trying "tumbling toms" and my old favorite San Marzano ... we will see how they go.

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