weekend stuff & baby pea quinoa cakes

I'm slowly trying to get back to a place where I cook more.  While I am slowly feeling more settled in my apartment, there are two thing that always make a place feel like home. Cooking ... and stuff on the walls. All of my walls are currently empty.

But the quinoa cakes help. I pretty much followed this recipe from 2012 but added baby peas and maybe a few other little nuances. 

This weekend was mainly spent doing things that I want to do. I went for a run and ordered my favorite takeout on Friday night. I traipsed around the "country" all Saturday. I ate oysters with my excellent friends. On Sunday, I got a breakfast sandwich from my favorite place and read magazines for 2 hours by the water. Later in the day I went for a long run and politely stopped to help tourists with directions. Helping tourists is one of my secret favorite things. 

But, I capped it all off with the quinoa cakes  ... and a Reese cup from the freezer.

[1-2] My friend Anna lives in the country ... and the country is pretty gorgeous.
[3-4] Treasures in Brimfield. A place that is excellent for people watching and bargaining over treasures that Amazon Prime can't bring you.
[5] The entire time that I've known my friend Sarah ... she hasn't been able to eat shellfish... and now she can. So it made clear sense to have a big ole dinner at Row 34 in Boston... and watch her eat pretty much one of everything.
[6] Anna lives in a carriage house on a rather gorgeous estate. One of the best parts of visiting her is letting her take you on a tour of her garden. After that, she makes you cocktails and snacks... and you sit in the sun (or moonlight) and gab to your heart's content.

Quinoa Cakes
(Step 1) It's easiest to work with cold quinoa. So make it... and put it in the refrigerator to cool down.
(Step 2) Quinoa cakes are pretty easy. Once you have the quinoa, you just have to add the rest of the ingredients. Now is time to add: baby peas, diced garlic, egg, panko flakes, and salt/pepper. Mix it up like you are making cookies.
(Step 3) Get your skillet to a medium-high heat with a bit of olive oil in there. You need you give your cakes something to sizzle it.
(Step 4) Scoop about 2 tablespoons or so into a meatball shape and then flatten it. Gently put in the pan. Cook 2-3 minutes on either side. You can make the cakes as big or as small as you want. It's your cake, not mine. But, I'd recommend ensuring each person gets 3 medium sized cakes.
(Step 5) Plate your cakes on some arugula. Sprinkle them with goat cheese. Dressing? Just squeeze half a lemon over the plate and drizzle some olive oil. Done and done.
(Step 6) Eat

Shopping List makes 6 cakes (serves two)cakes3/4 cup of dry quinoa
2 cloves of garlic
1 cup panko flakes
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground pepper
2 eggs
olive oil
1/3 cup baby peas

dressing & beddingarugula
goat cheese
lemon juice
olive oil

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