Podcasts and Snowy Walks

This picture you see here is the most popular Instagram posting I've ever had. I'm not quite sure why. I went to Italy for 3 weeks, spent the summer at the beach, and I love to cook with anything that looks or tastes like bacon. But anyway. I'm super behind in writing. I got an email from my friend Lauren this week that literally went like this:
Recipes that you can expect to see soon:
- Broccoli Kale Soup
- Honey Blueberry Oat Muffins
- Cheesy Broccoli Pasta

The thing is... more than ever I am spending all of my day staring at my computer and thinking hard. The last thing I've felt like doing when I get home is pulling out my computer and editing photos. I haven't even caught up on my celebrity gossip in days. I just barely heard that Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI in Miami. I'm working on adjusting though to my new days. I don't get to watch nearly as much Charlie Rose in the morning. I take the T to work most mornings because that means I get more Charlie Rose but less exercise.

As a tradeoff, I try to make sure that I walk home most nights. Including tonight when it was legit 10 degrees. It is working out really well for me. I have gotten into podcasts recently so I just put one on and then get to stepping. The number of times I've snuck in facts about the sinking of the S.S. Arctic should be embarrassing but I'm really okay with it. My favorite podcasts so far are "Here's the thing with Alec Baldwin" and "Stuff you should know". I even get a little annoyed when a podcast is greater than 40 minutes ... because that's how long it takes me to walk. The downside of writing this post is that I just learned that the Alec Baldwin one is no longer being made. I'm bummed.

In the spirit of a quick update, here are a few pictures to summarize what I've been doing to keep myself busy.
[1] One weekend day the weather was so nice that it was hard to resist a long walk and a trip to the seals. Hard to beat.
[2] My new office has different things to look at while I get lunch... this is not ugly.
[3] Also the sunsets from the office are GORGEOUS.
[4] Just a lovely night walk home
[5-7] I went home last Saturday for a bit. It was amazingly productive ... if you consider taking a great walk with the love of my life (Ruby May) in the rain a win, trips for donuts in the snow, and then a beautiful clear view of the ocean post snow.
[8] Sunday morning snowy yoga
[9] The other weekend I got a whole pile of broccoli for $1. A DOLLAR. I finally finished it.
[10-11] We had another snowstorm this week and I loved the walk home in it. Also, I finally saw a snowplow on my street. Yes, that is essentially the Polly Pocket version of a snowplow... because that's how narrow the North End streets are.
[12] More gawking at pretty building during lunch.

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