One of those days

It's that time of year when everyone is writing about what they'd like to do/change in 2014. The odds are that I'll do that as well. I did last year. But one of the posts that I read this week said she vowed to spend more time outside because you are rarely going to regret time spent outside... but you might regret the afternoon spent binging on tv. I read that and tried to remember a time I regretted being outside. And I couldn't.

The thing is ... the weather in Boston is seriously frigid. Like, the news forecasts consist of a lot of burst pipes and pictures of frozen ocean ice. But, I knew that the conditions were perfect for skiing and it felt like a day spent inside with Cliff Huxtable wasn't nearly as rewarding. So, I went skiing and it was great. For about 30 minutes, I thought this might be cold enough to lose a finger ... and then I realized if the families with toddlers weren't afraid then I'd probably be fine. And I was.

How did I manage to stay warm? I wore 2 pairs of socks, winter leggings, 2 winter shirt-type layers, a hooded fleece, my favorite vest... and earmuffs. I didn't think it made me look pregnant... but in hindsight it might have.

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