broccoli kale soup

This soup sounds a bit like something you'd eat for lunch if you were trying to be really healthy. But in reality it's what I made for the a Downton Abbey Dinner ... except that we were so tired that we opted to instead just watch "How I Met Your Mother". Sometimes you just need a little comedy and no reason to fight that.

The thing about this soup is that I wasn't super in love with it - probably because the vegetable to cheese ratio isn't the way I like it. Plus, there isn't any meat. I love meat. But, it does taste great and Kerrianne loved it. Sometimes I wonder if she just lies to me about whether she actually likes what I cook ... and then I remember her brutal honesty about my cardigan collection in 2001-2003. So, she must be telling the truth.

I didn't necessarily intend on making broccoli soup but when life hands you an excessive amount of broccoli for $1.... you start googling. Toss in the fact that I had some kale leftover from this tart ... and we were well on our way. It's just too cold these days to walk all the way to Whole Foods so a recipe that doesn't require it gets bumped to the top of the list.

Nothing super fancy about this guys. Just get to it. Also, make yourself some croutons or other salty / garlicy / carby / toasty wonders...

Here's how it goes.
(Step 1) Heat a pot with a bit of olive oil on medium heat. Add in the died onion and garlic. Sautee until the onions become that famous translucent color that every recipe tells you about.

(Step 2) Add in the chicken broth to the pot followed by the broccoli and kale. The pot now looks really great. Like a bucket of a green paint ... except edible.

(Step 3) Bring the pot to a boil and let simmer for about 20 minutes. The next step is to blend the ingredients so we really just want them soft to make it all easier.

(Step 4) Use you immersion blender to blend (shocker) all of the ingredients until smooth. Be patient. It's not going to take forever but it's also more than a 60 second task.

(Step 5) After blended, add in the ricotta and any salt or pepper you feel is required.

(Step 6) Serve! and top with some parmesan cheese ... because I just love cheese.

Shopping List
1 medium onion diced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
olive oil
4 cups of chicken broth
6 cups of broccoli
4 cups of kale (1/2 bunch) chopped
3/4 cup ricotta
parmesan for sprinkling

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