Pig-free Powisset Farm

I'm a Summer baby through and through. I like the long days filled with sun and warmth. I like the activities that come with summer. Reading in the sun, cooking on the grill, bike rides for fun, bike rides to air dry from swimming, bike ride with cocktails.

But there is something about the transition to Fall that makes me want to take nice walks slash hikes in nature. A few weeks ago, I went back to Norris River Reservation with Ruby May the puppy for her first "hike". Since then, I haven't really been seeing what Fall had to offer... which was probably why I tried so hard to pack it all in this past weekend. Saturday at Appleton Farms and Plum Island. And Sunday... at Powisset Farms in Dover .

I kinda of knew from the minute I got home on Saturday that I was going to try and see another farm on Sunday... but didn't really pull the trigger until I woke up. I first saw the farm featured on the Trustees of the Reservation Facebook page ... and it looked compelling. Although I would say I had a far different experience than what I was anticipating. 
I thought I was going to see some cool produce, some pigs, and some big fields of foliage. I also probably thought I wouldn't have been entirely by myself. I didn't see any produce or pigs... but there were fields and more fields galore. I can imagine this being the type of place a group of moms take their kids for a walk. The moms can gossip walk while the kids run back and forth and tire themselves out on the big obstacle free paths.

But, it didn't really bother me that I was alone. I got to take as many pictures of flowers as I wanted and nobody saw my freaked out face when I found the animal bones. Yes, animal bones. I am pretty sure I would have walked right over it if the bone didn't still have its TEETH. 
It wasn't until I had walked into this little knoll woody area that I really got a bit spooked. Guys, I saw bones in the trees. My hypothesis is that some animal killed another animal, like a deer, and then the circle of life happened... of which included someone deciding to have their dinner in a tree? Maybe.

Regardless, this little place was rather picturesque and great for a Fall walk. It was only a little more than 2 miles with all the optional little knolls added in there... so I quite literally didn't break a sweat. In fact, I got messier when I made the Brown Butter Apple Clafoutis later that night. It's not terrible when you splatter brown butter on yourself sautéing apples ... in fact it tastes amazing.
[1] I mean, if this isn't a setup for nice view I'm not sure what is. Do you think people get married under this arch? I think so.
[2] I can't look at bees and flowers without thinking about my friend Meghan and her family hives in Vermont. In the great event of Pheasant Phest 2011... I actually got to tend to the bees and it was awesome. 
[3] This really, really old wooden wheel belonged to a crumbling cart. In hindsight, I wish I had a picture of that as well... but the wheel still seems cool.
[4] Is my love of barns getting old?
[5] Every field was a little different.
[6] Just a little woodsy knoll of trees... right before I found more bones in the trees. Then I walked really quickly out of the adorable woodsy knoll.
[7] Gorgeous.
[8] I have no idea what type of "bird house" this is... but I'm sure my Dad does. In fact, the whole property is covered in numbered bird houses. I wish I had known more about them and also it would have made for a fun treasure hunt.
[9] It took me about a dozen shots to get this one of these berries on the old wooden fence... but I think it was worth it.

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