embracing the weekend

This weekend was a little bit of everything.

It was boating, birthdays, cooking, wandering, running, and picnicking. There was no cleaning, organizing, or de-cluttering. Sunday alone, I had pork FIVE ways. Yes, five. That is what type of weekend I had.

The past two years over Columbus Day I've run away to Vermont (here, here, and here). I get so excited to gawk at the foliage during the long drive. Sitting on the porch with a hot mug of coffee is always a highlight wrapped in fleece and trying to talk through how we can make beeswax candles. This year, I ended up staying local and doing my best to see some foliage and try a few new things. I can safely say that I did something (slightly) new each day that I hadn't done before.
  • Friday - Boat ride around the harbor
  • Saturday - Made a new easy tomato sauce... and canned it.
  • Sunday - I've always wanted to make it to the SOWA market... and finally did.
  • Monday - I normally grab a bite to eat while I'm reading along the harbor... but this time I turned it into a birthday picnic for Kerrianne and we had prosecco. 
The only thing I really didn't get to do was make an apple crisp ... despite buying the apples. Perhaps, I'll manage to cobble one together on a mid-week evening this week.

[1] Surprise Friday harbor boat ride. When someone offers you a couple hours on a boat... you accept... and you bring snacks. You should probably also bring a fleece because it is deceptively chilly.
[2] My little brother is very competitive and took the yoga challenge from Kerrianne quite well. He didn't quite understand the cues we were giving but gave an amazing attempt. I'm not sure how you couldn't understand "roll your armpits so they are facing each other".
[3] If I want a good laugh out of someone in our family, all you need is a pet costume. Ruby May was an excellent pretty pretty princess, despite the fact she most certainly needed a size larger than I purchased from Amazon. Lesson learned.
[4-5] In our family, you get as many cakes as we can possibly fit in. For Kerrianne, that was one on Friday night and the traditional bagel/donut cake on Saturday morning. 
[6] Saturday morning I took Ruby for a long walk on the beach and she just ran and ran ... and then ran some more in and out of the waves. I never get tired of taking panoramic shots at the top of the beach stairs. Ever.
[7] I'm forever a sucker for a good shell on the beach with some crashing waves behind it. As I laid down on the beach to try and get the right shot, Ruby May army crawled up right next to me like the adorable little cherub she is.
[8] Running to the top of Bunker Hill is always a bit of torture for me... but when I got to the top this weekend it was like Fall had arrived. The perfect balance of trees had turned and leaves were falling and sun was shining. 
[9] I'm never upset about flags ... especially when they are nautical or American or both.
[10] Normally I run in a tank top and shorts... but the weather has turned in the last week or so and long-sleeves are most certainly required. I got this new shirt from Cory Vines on Saturday in the mail and immediately put it to use on Sunday morning. 
[11] I still can't get this donut out of my head. It was a brown butter hazelnut and I want it again. Now.
[12] I had heard that there was a bacon themed food truck running around Boston ... and literally stopped in my tracks with excitement when I saw it at the SOWA market. HEAVEN.
[13-14] Given the sunny day, I picked up some supplies for a "birthday picnic". I'm not sure how you could ever fail if you had meats + cheeses + prosecco and sit in the sun. For dessert? Gossip over nutella. 
[15] We love to decorate cakes in our household. The man at the convenience store asked me if I was going to a child's birthday party.... no sir.

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