Lately I've been having wistful dreams of going back to Italy.

When I think about the days I spent wandering towns and taking pictures of doors and old people .... I wish that was going to be tomorrow. Going to Italy was an amazing and relatively spontaneous trip of a lifetime. I love everything about my trip, except Tuscany. Tuscany was hard because I was alone and apparently people don't "do Tuscany" alone. People do Tuscany on honeymoons and in cars, not with backpacks and on trains. Lesson learned.

In anticipation of someday returning to Italy, I actually enrolled in an adult education class for Italian a few weeks ago... but that is a topic for another day. Today is my 600th blog post and like other (relatively) big posting thresholds... I thought too much about this one and as a result haven't been writing. I'm quite sure that it only matters to me that I've written 599 other times.

I think the reason it matters to me is because there has been so much personal growth hidden in this little blog. There are the things that you can see if you were to try and connect data points in my entries ... more sharing, perhaps better pictures (?), more reflection.

Sometimes when I have some downtime at work or when I'm writing a new post and looking for a link, I get lost in old entries. I love to re-read old adventures and see what I said about making sourdough bread (and how much of a disaster it was). For me, these posts remind me of my life and in my heart I know who I was when I wrote them - for better or worse. Some days this is good and some days it's a reminder that I'm slipping and not doing the things that I love - but it's always something that I'm thankful for.

Other things? Fleece. Foliage. Cooking. Hot coffee. Old mugs. Snacks in ziploc bags. Sun. Gentle breezes. Refreshing showers. Feeling (good) tired. Funny shows. Laughter. And good friends of course.

Oh, and here is 200. 300. 400. and 500.

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