maine in review

Oh Maine.

Every Labor Day visit to Maine is different... and perhaps that's why it is so amazing. One year it's about boating and swimming. The next year it's Monhegan Island. This year? I'm not quite sure how to to wrap it up with a bow. We had lots of lady time around the house which is always my favorite. We ate a lot of cheese products, did some projects, and Sarah and I played with cameras. Like normal, I took a lot of pictures looking up at the sky and down at my own feet.

I spent a lot of time sitting on the dock with my feet in the water. I spent zero time reading either of the books I had plucked from my shelf. I did however pick up a copy of the History of South Bristol homes for some light morning reading one day. One day I only ate foods that were all fried... I can't even remember the last time I did that. It was probably in Maine. You can't really have too many worries when you start the day with giant hashbrown sticks, have french fries for lunch with some beers, and fried clams for dinner.

Regardless of when we go to sleep, I'm normally the first person awake in Maine. I think it is in because I love making a big pot of coffee and sitting in the Cove watching the tide come and go... and believe me you really can see the tide move. It's amazing. Some mornings, it's amazingly bright and other mornings the fog is so thick that it's part of the reflections on the water. Then some how magic happens and all of this weather burns off and it becomes sunny all day long. 
By the way, in this picture you can barely see a hint of this teal little rowboat in the corner. Every year I want to get closer to this rowboat and get a better picture of it ... maybe next year.

A few of my favorite highlights via pictures of course.... Not pictured? Me giving Dixie (Meg's dog) a bath after I pulled her from a muddy low tide. We both smelled terrible and she was less than pleased. I'm not quite sure it was a bonding moment for us but we both look better without smelly mud splattered on us.
[1] sitting on the dock with our feetsies in the water. You can't see it but there were little baby fishies swimming around underneath. I attempted to remain calm despite my fear they'd touch me.
[2] Friday morning reading on the dock. Everyone grabbed a magazine and attempted to read while dogs ran around hunting for crab shells and adventures.
[3] This is what the coast of Maine looks like. Seaweed.
[4] Trees.
[5] I'm not sure why but I really like this picture. Just a simple moment hanging out on the dock.
[6] Who doesn't love some fried delights? Dinner at Shaw's Fish and Lobster Wharf. There BLT isn't going to rock your socks off... but the view will. It's a "working harbor" filled with lobster boats and kids fishing off the docks.
[7] and [8] Adventures to a new beach in Pemaquid called Little Beach. Sarah and Megs went swimming. I took pictures of my feet in the seaweed.
[9] More time on the dock
[10] Flowers outside a store in Damariscotta
[11] Meg's birthday cake. Sure my frosting job was a bit spotty this year... but look at those layers. It isn't a birthday if I haven't played with food coloring and boxed cake mix. This is what we ate for dinner.
[12] This phenomenal red barn is the home of a more amazing store (The Good Supply) where I bought an insane blanket that I've been lusting after for two years. TWO YEARS. I can't even link to the blanket because I'm embarrassed you'll know how much I spent on it - but know that it's amazing and my most favorite thing besides sweatpants and bacon. Maybe.

That's how Maine went this year. I'm never upset when I get to eat diner food, cheddar pretzels, and do projects... and wear a fleece at night. When I leave Maine, I know that Fall is really knocking on our door ... which is always a little sad but a great weekend in Maine makes it easier.

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