it's fall?

I think normally people go through this cleaning phase in their life when it is Spring. It's probably why they call it Spring Cleaning. I don't think I'm afflicted with this guilt complex but I do seem to be suffering from "Fall Cleaning". I have this incredible desire to purge my life and my apartment of unnecessary things.

I started to purge last night but got distracted with watching the Cosby Show on Hulu. That happens to other people I presume. But today it was raining when I woke up ... and so it was perfect cleaning weather. I got myself a breakfast sammy and made a pot of coffee ... then proceeded to ruthlessly attack my linen closet. Linens have less feelings than sweaters and coffee mugs.

Before I knew it, it was 2pm and the sun was shining. It seemed silly to waste the rest of the day organizing back issues of Food & Wine magazine so I scooted out to see my friend Anna in the "country". Anna promised a fair at a nearby farm and I was ready to accept that promise. The fair was probably the most wholesome activity I've seen outside of Vermont. There was a hula hoop contest and an egg toss. I was also denied the right to purchase a piece of pie by a 10 year old because she only accepted tickets, not cash.

The end result was a picturesque afternoon complete with a blacksmith, French "bocce", cocktails balanced on historic stone walls and a dinner eaten outside with garden fresh pesto.

[1-4] Fair activities. Blacksmith. Greeting goats. Obligatory barn shot.
[5] Flowers straight from the garden on an amazing wooden table.
[6] Wild flowers
[7] The most amazing little tomatoes that I will plant myself next year.
[8] Outdoor dining is the best... especially when Anna gives me a lesson on this amazing Riesling we drank.
[9] Cocktails and stone walls.
[10] Country roads. Cows on the right. Sheep on the left.

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