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So it appears it is now Fall. About 3 months ago, I bought tissues from CVS. My qualifications were that they be on sale and not terrible. Several days later, I realized that I had inadvertently purchased the tissues that were infused with Vick's vapor rub. It was a terrible mistake... until today. I am not normally sidelined by allergies but today I feel rather terrible.

So, I'm sitting in my apartment hugging a bottle of water. I'm a mere hour away from strapping on an embarrassing (but amazing) breathe right nose strip and hitting the hay. I've also learned that Eleanor thinks tissues are for eating? and this disturbs me.

Before whatever satanic allergen bloomed this weekend, I've actually been having a great couple of weeks. There has been a fair amount of cooking - both documented and undocumented, walking, running, breakfast sandwiches, and cheese. So it seemed like a fair time for a good iPhone picture post.

[1] more breakfast sandwiches. I think I'm averaging about two per week. One more I even had a chat with the "I Love Green Bean" guy about what makes a good breakfast sandwich.
[2] crackers + cheese + wine + baby pickles
[3] terrarium. I decided it was too challenging to keep succulents alive. So now I'm focusing on keeping beach shells safe. Much less stressful.
[4] old postcards. I think I now have a solid handful of old postcards from eBay. Getting them in the mail is terribly exciting.
[5] boston skyline from a new rooftop. I'm always in love with this view and this one was especially amazing for some reason.
[6] bacon. For my birthday, my best friends gave me a bacon of the month club ... so I'm obviously busy eating bacon.
[7] broken glass. I hadn't broken a glass in several years... and then in the span of 3 days I broke 2. One I broke while I was making this dinner and then this one I broke over the weekend.
[8, 9, 10] weekend mornings on the harbor. I could spend hours just sitting by the harbor reading... and that is fundamentally what I've been doing since summer left us in a lurch.
[11] kale salad. I still stand by this salad as one of the best caesar salads I've ever made. The only downside is the relatively significant garlic intake.
[12] trying shrimp. In this new year, I'm in the business of trying things that I've previously said no to... like shrimp. I helped make this rather extravagant Vietnamese salad with lemongrass garlic shrimp and really liked it ... then suffered the effects of the cutting the hot pepper for days. Glasses are cool right?
[13] PT. I'm back at PT for shoulder and feeling pretty great about it. Besides getting to watch tv while I do some stretches, I actually feel like it's making a difference.
[14] views from Charlestown. I've been getting back in the swing of things with some Charlestown runs. The views of our beloved Boston are pretty great.
[15] Harborwalk from Southie. People who know me are pretty surprised by the amount of time I've spent in Southie but it's been certainly worth it.... including checking out more sections of my beloved Harborwalk.
[16] today in the Boston Garden. Picturesque walks like this make me wish I carried my big camera on me at all times.

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  1. I am a collector of old postcards, too! I will let you know one of my best haunts for finding them.


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