living for the blooms

There was most certainly a point in my life when I considered flowers a waste of money.

While I most certainly meant that at the time, it could not be further from the truth now.

Yesterday I bought myself these peonies from Trader Joes along with some other necessities like naan, frozen tuna steaks, and dehydrated snap peas. Obvious things. While I managed to avoid buying mini peanut butter cups, I was not leaving TJs without these gems.

So when I woke up this morning, a few had magically transformed from tight little buds into big ole heart warming blooms.

And then I almost missed bagel Wednesday at work because I felt compelled to take a few of these pictures in the morning light ... which is so much better than post work day and dinner light.

That's all.

(p.s. This post is shockingly reminiscent to this one I wrote nearly a year ago. I'm a creature of habit?)


  1. These are so beautiful (and I have almost the same TJ's grocery list) :) Gorgeous photos xo

    1. Thanks Georgina. Just stumbled upon your blog yesterday as well! Thanks for swinging by.


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