prepping for 30

In about a month I will be turning 30.

That means I'll have been around for 3 complete runs of the series Friends - which was on for 10 seasons. I've been thinking about turning the big 3 times 10 for about 8 months I would say. I've even gone so far as to take what I would call my "birthday trip" several months in advance of my actual birthday.

Earlier this week my sister asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said nothing. Not as in, I had no response but more that my response was actually nothing. I'm happy to attend other people's parties but it makes me feel weird to have a party all just for me. I don't like to work on my birthday and thankfully since this year the 27th falls on a weekend, I can save myself a vacation day. I plan on spending the day eating all of my favorite things, adding layers of sunblock to my skin, taking a bike ride to the beach for dunks in the ocean and hopefully getting the perfect beach hair just in time to eat birthday cake. I haven't planned for rain, so if someone could arrange this weather forecast I'd appreciate it.
More practically there are a few things I felt like I need to take care of before I cross into my next decade. I wouldn't say any of them are specifically fun but they make me feel more prepared and like I'm taking control of my life.
  1. changed the batteries in my smoke detectors. I recently learned firetrucks can't make it down my street ... changing the batteries won't help this but at least I'll feel better.
  2. got my knives sharpened. 
  3. scheduled a dermatologist appointment. I'm blonde and Irish ... and when combined with my love of sunglasses and the ocean this requires an annual skin check. 
  4. attempted to strengthen my core. my orthopedist has now commented on how terribly my posture is ... and coupled with my physical therapist pointing at my stomach and saying weak .... I figure I need to prioritize this before I end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  5. got my sofa and carpets cleaned. This was a highly colorful experience but completely worth it. That being said as I handed over the cash (because they don't take credit cards) I mentally did the math on how many prosciutto caprese salads were out of my budget as a result. But how many times are you going to be able to say, you offered a "hello kitty" bandaid to a full-time bike messenger, part-time carpet cleaner with a checkerboard leg tat  that loves conspiracy theory documentaries who soothed Eleanor from all the loud vacuums? Hopefully not anytime soon.
Other things I'd like to take care of? I'm not quite sure. I'm working on some personal marketing initiatives to achieve my Birthday Wish. I've made a list of some of my favorite bloggers to reach out to and hope they convert into a few new people for the Be The Match registry. So far the culinary bloggers (Joy from Joy the Baker and Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen) are winning and have each blessed me with a couple people each.

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