love note.

Two years ago I met someone who told me they collected postcards off eBay. Vintage postcards of their favorite place in the world, Christmas Cove. Instantly I was intrigued and thought it was an amazing idea ... and also like the most romantic thing ever.

If you don't think so, you must have a heart of stone.

Pretty immediately after I got back from loving on Maine (linklinklink), I filled my eBay wish list with old postcards of Minot. My favorite place.

Last night I happened to stumble upon my wish list again and prompted a little more searching. Almost immediately I found this love note written on a Minot postcard. Initially I didn't even click on it because  it clearly had water damage and I couldn't recognize the landscape at all. But then I clicked it and read the note clear as day.

Normally the writing is incredibly faded or just far too fancy for my computer trained eyes. But in this case. I could clearly see Tom's note to Kathrine.
 It seems so long to wait. Pitter patter goes my heart.

For some reason, people don't seem to want the postcards with writing but for me... it would be the only way. So, after I sent this link to 3 people this afternoon to show them my love note, I finally bought it for myself. I couldn't handle the idea that someone else would have it.

The tipping point? Today I spent $8 on a caprese salad loaded with prosciutto from my favorite North End haunt, Monica's Mercato. It seemed silly to not spend that again and get a love note. So for $8.39 I scored this little gem from a guy named "The Postcard Dude" in North Carolina.

If you want to understand why I love Minot, you should read this historical essay that was written around the same time the postcard was. I wish I could have shared a minute with Daniel P. Sylvester. I feel like we would have gotten along just fine. In his 79 years, he never missed a Minot summer once. 

p.s. this was the 3rd caprese prosciutto salad I bought and consumed this week. do the math. that's $24.

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