Happy Heart Day

Last year this is how I spent Valentine's Day.

This year, I skipped working out at the gym and came home. I stopped at the market and picked up a bag of pretzel rods for a whopping $3.49. Who let pretzels get so pricey? I almost stopped and picked up a fillet of haddock but there was a solid line at the fish market. I lingered outside my favorite Monica's Mercato and skipped that as well. While I was tempted by some meats and cheeses, I figured it was unnecessary. I gave up bacon again for Lent.

Instead, I got home and immediately put on my favorite blue Martha's Vineyard sweatpants and decade plus old baby blue waffle long-sleeve. Then I whipped up some dough for english muffins and while those suckers rose for two hours... I gingerly picked up my apartment, took out the trash, and prepared my 2012 taxes. AND. I turned those pretzel rods into chocolate covered and gold sugar dusted nuggets of happiness.
See. This is just perfect. After all the work was done, I had a glass of rose (or two) and settled into the couch with my collection of cards. AND a few of my homemade snacks. It was one of those moments were you just feel so loved. I mean come on guys, a vegetarian sent me a card with bacon on it. Does it get much better than that? The answer is no.
The thing is. I've been single for more of my Valentine's Days than not. I think I could say that I'd been un-single for 5... of which one of them was my Sophomore year in college. We "celebrated" by eating at Pino's Pizza and going to a hockey game. To be clear, this is actually quite perfect to me ... but in this sense was hilarious because we dated for about 19 days.

This is corny but this year to me Valentine's Day to me is about demonstrating love to myself. I'm at that age where in the office I hear more people talk about picking up flowers for their wife than going out with their buddies. I think that sometimes people feel as though this bothers me. That I don't have a boyfriend. There are many people that say "Don't worry", "It'll happen some day", "Oh, when you aren't looking.." and to those people I say thank you but I honestly don't care. Yes, there are days when I'd love to share a Wednesday night with someone other than the cast of Modern Family but fundamentally, I'm doing quite fine.

Last night, I went to Ash Wednesday Mass. A holiday mass in the North End is a collection of young married people and old married people. There doesn't seem to be much in the middle. It's all rather cute actually watching the generations interact. But, it was sitting there next to some obnoxiously behaved child that I realized a part I wish I had. I'm not ready for children now, but I do wish I could give my parents grandchildren. Plus, it would take the pressure off Eleanor :).

In the meantime, I'm busy working on my 5 year plan. My five year plan has a whole lot to do with celebrating my friends and family, traveling, buying Eleanor more catnip carrots, and maybe perfecting a few Italian dishes.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Don't forget to tell someone you love them.

P.s. I had my annual physical on Wednesday. The doctor recommended less bacon, more fiber, and more dating. Everyone has an opinion these days :)

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