Recovering from Nemo

Right now I'm sitting on my couch after a weekend at home.

My body feels a little bit like it spent the weekend in Vermont or Maine. My face is a little pink from being outside, I'm sore, and perhaps a bit tired. But, that isn't what happened. Instead, I fell for the allure of my parent's house during a blizzard named Nemo. That just seems like a joke but apparently it's the truth.

I should have known better than to expect I could spend the weekend writing overdue blog posts and planning a trip to Italy. See those things require the internet ... and electricity ... and fingers to not be cold cold cold. But unlike the lessons learned during Hurricane Irene, I for some reason forgot about the wonders of living in New England and especially in a coastal community.

The thing about losing power is that you have to use your actual memory to capture the moments that happen instead of taking a picture.
  • my dad setting up a camping kitchen in the garage to whip up all of our meals. Saturday night surprise? Grilled Cheese. He also perfected coffee in a French Press and bagels on a skillet.
  • my brother offering me his bunk bed since his room was warmer than mine ... and then talking until we fell asleep.
  • my mom insisting that she take a drive by the ocean (despite the driving ban) because she needed pictures of the damage
  • playing Uno in front of the fire while listening to the police scanner ... and hearing that a National  Grid person had locked themselves out of their truck... priceless.
  • going outside to warm up ... as opposed to inside. The house got down to 35 F this morning in my parents room.
My personal highlight? Digging my dad's 20+ year old cross country skis out of the cellar and taking them over to the Golf Club for a little jaunt.

Clearly an opportunity for some panorama shots. I can never really resist those suckers.

It'll be quite a few days before Scituate sees life returned to normal... and even longer to fix the places where there used to be a road and now there isn't.

But now, I could lie and say I was going to hop in the shower for the first time in days ... but instead I'm going to take a muscle relaxer and climb into bed. FYI, my body is busy hating being 29.5.

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