summer in the city

I'm getting really good at handling and loving summer in the city.

Yes, it's hot. The tourists seem to multiple like fruit flies. And I'll never quite understand people who swim in fountains.

But, I've managed to fix all of these things by learning ways to be outdoors, the right beverages for each occasion, and that there is no occasion that isn't appropriate for my neon pink Uber tanktop. (Seriously, I wear it all the time).

This weekend wasn't the highest on the social radar, but it was pretty great. Every now and then Baby Sister and I have one of those terribly codependent weekends where the concept of being more than 5 feet apart seems like a rash idea. This was one of those weekends.

And. I love weekends just like this.

I love the Theo's Breakfast Special - but hold the eggs. Just bring me the carbs and the meat. Double the crispy. Double the coffee. Iced coffee.

We logged 6 hours at Gravel Beach on Saturday aided largely by sun tea with baby mint leaves. Also aided by BLT take-out from Theo's. I need to investigate whether or not I can just open a tab.

I made my first trip to the neighborhood pool. Things you should take away from this picture? The super cool old boat, the big tall Bunker Hill Monument .... and the lifeguard with the full head of grey hair. Only in the North End.

My "light" summer meat consists of oysters and meats and cheeses. I'm not quite sure that this is legitimately a light meal but it sure its delish and I hate leaving the North End.

Just some friendly Saturday brawling between Baby Sister and Rabbit the Cat.

Since two meals from Theo's isn't enough, we added a third. Grilled Cheese. Yeah, I'm sure that seems weird since it was 90 degrees out but this was oddly refreshing. I took the leftover fries from the day before ... crisped them up... added some freshly grated parmesan and truffle salt.

I refuse to go inside despite the clouds. And the rain. It's easier to just pull the towel over your head and put your phone under your chair.

Another weekend in the North End. Standard.

Dinner for one. I'm sorry but this makes me feel like a real person. Also, this is super easy... and I grew that basil. BOOM.

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