making the lemon curd

I have these really organized married friends named Dave and Lara. Seriously, they are so cute and so organized and to boot... they are amazing cooks. One time this past spring they had a brunch and at this amazing brunch they served biscuits and lemon curd.

I'm a sucker for a spread whether it is for a burger, bread, or a pancake. So a lemon curd is right in my flavor wheelhouse.

This weekend I hosted a brunch for some of my favorite ladies. Lemon curd seemed to fit the bill - along with some lavender scones of course. I read a few recipes to see what I was getting myself into for this feat and found out that it was really quite easy. Like, so easy that I might start giving this to people as gifts. Hope you all like lemons and sugar.... cause that's pretty much like what this is.

Sidenote: I was telling someone about this and they said "that sounds gross". I think it's the word curd... and I'd agree. Curd doesn't exactly sound like something you want to run to. So if it helps, call it Lemon Jam. Because let's be honest that is pretty much what it is.

Here we go.

(Step 1) Crack and mix up 3 eggs with a cup of sugar in a large microwave safe bowl.

(Step 2) Whisk in lemon juice, lemon zest, and the melted butter. In order to get a cup of lemon juice, you will need 5 lemons. I kind of felt like one of those people who makes fresh lemonade in the park by the time I was done. Whatever, now my hands smell amazing.

Also, make sure the melted butter is not hot when you mix it in... because then you'll get scrambled eggs. Pretty sure that isn't one of the steps to making lemon curd.

(Step 3) Cook the mixture for 3-5 minutes in the microwave on high in one minute increments. After each minute, gift the bowl a quick stir to ensure even cooking. You'll know you are done with this step when the curd coats the back of a metal spoon. For me, this was 4.5 minutes.

(Step 4) Gently push this mixture through a sieve ... essentially to strain out any lemon seeds and the zest.

(Step 5) Put in a jar and use a lid. If you don't, you could get this slightly unappealing film on the top like you get with pudding. I'm not a fan of pudding.

This recipe will make about 3 cups of curd .... which is actually a fair amount of curd. Given the scone and curd consumption from brunch, I think you end up with enough curd for 60 scones. Which is enough to share with friends.

So share some curd. Don't you want everyone to have a moment like I'm about to enjoy right here?

Shopping List
3 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
zest of 3 lemons
1 cup of lemon juice (5 lemons)

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