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Oh me, oh my.

I came back to the North End today from a few days in the burbs. Nothing seemed to be more appealing than opening all of my windows and looking at some pictures from this weekend. Just as I was about to reach for a coconut water, I spied half of a big ole watermelon on my countertop.

This is the same watermelon that I used for my ladies brunch last weekend ... and I happened to have carried this sucker all the way to the burbs (via bike and train) on Thursday. I thought for sure that I'd be inspired to cut it up after sunning myself in my parent's backyard or dunking in the ocean for the umpteenth time. I didn't.

So, the sucker still lives on but now in the form of juice.

I spied the "recipe" for watermelon juice on this blog a bit ago but hadn't gotten around to liquifying one of my favorite summer treats. I use the word "recipe" loosely because you can literally get away with blending watermelon since its practically all water anyway. But where is the fun in that?

So, I made it slightly more "complicated" by adding in some seltzer and a dash of simple syrup.

Pretty sure the next time I find myself with a pile of watermelon and some company, I'm going to toss the extra in the blender because this is super refreshing and a win in my book. It doesn't hurt that watermelon is apparently pretty great for you. According to this website I read watermelon juice is apparently all of the following:
  • rich in antioxidants - help to prevent kidney stones, cancers and cardiac ailments
  • great source of potassium - helps to regulate blood pressure levels keeping your heart healthy
  • preventive against bone loss
  • excellent source of energy because it contains Vitamin B
  • helps to lower risks of age-related macular degeneration that may lead to loss of vision in elders
But, I might have erased all of those benefits by enjoying with my other hand permanently in a box of Wheat Thins.... It's fine because I'm pretty sure that's how an old lady eats and given that I was watching a parade out my window.... I was acting like an old lady.

Yep, this is how we roll in the North End. I don't even live on a main street.

So make yourself some watermelon juice and enjoy the rest of summer.

(Step 1) Cut up your watermelon into appropriate sized hunks. Toss into the blender and blend until smooth and chunk free.

(Step 2) Taste the juice. Are you happy? Then leave it alone. Otherwise add a dash of simple syrup to make it a tad bit more sweet. To make it more "cocktail-y", add in some seltzer. I went with lemon .... and it was perfect.

(Step 3) ENJOY.

Shopping List
Big ole watermelon
simple syrup
seltzer (any fruit flavor is great)

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