For a few hours today, I forgot how happy I was being just me.

But I was quickly reminded of it as I listened to someone else wax on and on about their personal life. And how much they are trying to orchestrate their future. It just seemed so complex and not fun. Then I remembered, I was just happy being me. And that, I'd been very happy being me for awhile.

It's weird how easy it is to forget what makes you happy sometimes.

Goals for the next week?
  • Make my landlord and his 91 year old mother a dinner. I know that I pay rent but if your (presumably) hoarder 71 year old widowed landlord admitted that he was trying to learn to cook... but there were just too many steps. You'd want to make them a meal too.
  • Eat dinner by myself in a restaurant. It's been awhile and fundamentally I actually enjoy the challenge.
  • Fix the light in my closet. It hasn't worked since I moved in.... and if you are keeping track folks, that'd be in October.

Bonus goal? I'd like a plant. Hopefully something that I won't kill because it craves a specific light / shade percentage. Hopefully something that blooms. Hopefully something that looks amazing next to a cup of coffee.

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