oh hello there Spring

Welp, my hard drive died yesterday.

Let's all take a minute to mourn it. Thankfully, it's a best possible situation (so far) in that... I have Apple Care and I had recently done a back-up. So hopefully all is not lost... and I can get started on my taxes soon.

BUT! Today is the first day of Spring.

And, it's amazing. I'm having one of those days where (get ready this is corny) my heart feels so full. I don't even really have a great reason for it. I'm just happy. Novel concept right?

This morning I got up and lounged for a bit with a cup of coffee before deciding that was a waste of a great day. So, I quickly put on some running clothes and my new sneakers and headed toward the Harbor Walk. On my way, I could see the gorgeous morning sun peeking in between the building and I just knew it was going to be so pretty.

Spoiler alert? It was.

The run itself could have gone better. Apparently taking a few weeks off while I attempted to sort out my new shoe situation hindered my stamina. Boo to that. But, I honestly enjoyed just some off and on running while I made my way around the harbor ... and of course to the seals.

I mean this guy is precious right?
So. Funny story. Last night when Baby Sister and I were visiting the seals, I said that I kind of hoped one day the seals would recognize me. So this morning when I swung by, they were so adorable and inquisitive at the glass. I felt like the "seal whisperer". Then, the woman next to me informed me that the two people who had just left were actually the seal trainers. Oops. Well, Chacoda the seal is still adorbs.

Bonus Picture? It's definitively Spring. No long pants. No wool tops. So refreshing to not be covered in layers.

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