(brief) beach life.

Last night I got home from the airport at 10pm. the previous three nights, I went to dinner at 10 pm. Yep, ladies and gentleman I was a bit of a baller.

That is if your definition of a baller is staying up until 1 am, taking cat naps by the pool, and at one point noshing on some gold. Yes, I said gold.

My long weekend in Miami was just what the doctor ordered. We haven't had an incredibly tough, or even moderately tough for that matter, winter in Boston ... But there is something renewing about laying in the sun with some besties and gossiping your heart out. I feel like an Ikea table that someone just refinished and is now going to sell on Craigslist at a profit.

While I compose my somewhat witty thoughts on our Miami adventures, I'll share a few pictures of things that made my heart go pitter patter over the last few days.

Stay tuned for adventures including backless outfits, pool butlers, and day naps on giant poolside beds.

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