Happy Birthday to my little sister!

Today is my baby sister's 23rd birthday. In honor of such a memorable occasion, I am dedicating this post to her. She has many incredible characteristics of which I've chosen to highlight a few both through picture, video, and audio. Yes, that's right. Its a trifecta of incredible memories.

Let's start with something that obviously sets her apart from others. The way she describes circular carbohydrate treats. What are those you may ask? Bagels. I'm talking about bagels. Now, I know I promised audio - but you'll settle for an "audio" reason why she's bananas.

As you can see, Kerrianne's mother is not featured in the video ... and that is because she is traveling this week. But she kindly sent a Blackberry voicenote with her thoughts on how Kerrianne says bagel.

Now, Kerrianne is 23 years young and as you can see, she is so creative that she is the only one that I know that pronounces BAGEL in such a fashion.

Here is just a little album of some gems we've captured of Kerrianne in the last few years. She's such a peach and you can see it in all of the photos. (Hint: If you turn on "captions", you can see when and where each picture was taken.)

Lastly for the video.... I wish I had the facilities to upload some of our old family videos. There are some pretty choice ones of Kerrianne growling at fellow babies trying to take her cookies. Fact. But, she does have a thing for Disney movies and as you can see in this video ... she is clearly belting out one of her favorite tunes.

and perhaps the one that you all might have seen before... but a personal favorite of mine. This video is from our joint graduation party in May where she challenged me in an inflatable boxing ring in the front yard. I'm pretty sure that nobody will forget this.

So there it is. Happy Birthday little one!

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