Soothing Voices

A few years back I was thankfully given a TomTom GPS. The GPS has traveled the country with me as I've taken vacations in various locales and nearly always brought me to my destination. Because of the solid relationship that we developed, I of course had to name my faithful companion and for no good reason I picked Fiona. Fiona has been a rock, despite the fact that in the nearly 3 years that I've had her I have not updated the maps once.

Dear TomTom, your map updates are way too expensive. I'd rather buy a new Fiona.
Keeping my bucks to me, Hopelessly Not Yours

And yet... TomTom still sends me emails although I really think I have unsubscribed 3-4 times at this point. Normally I delete them right off the bat, but I found this one entertaining.

I'm pretty sure I'd find all of these voices not the least bit soothing as I navigated city traffic. But since I love ranking things, here is the order I'd pick them:

1. Pepe Le Pew
2.  Bugs Bunny
3. Daffy Duck
4. Sylvester
5. Yosemite Sam

But since I'm not dropping bucks on maps, I'm certainly not dropping $12.95 on a voice when I have Fiona.

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