The Ideal Pillow ... that I'll never buy

I recently found myself on an airplane and was obviously checking out the Sky Mall catalog like I usually do. I didn't really see anything new or different since the last time I had flipped the pages. I do have a few favorites from prior flights, like the foot tanner for $200+ as you see below. I'm pretty sure the day I buy this product should also be the day someone takes away my ability to make decisions.

One product that I think falls right in the Sky Mall niche is this pillow that I actually saw on Gizmodo today. Its a pillow meant for people like myself that like to put their arm under the pillow.
Although I'm sure that I'll never drop 100 bones for this privilege.... I can't wait for Ikea to come up with their own version and I'll contemplate paying $10 for. I do feel like your average pillow case would probably ruin the functionality of this odd gap made just for your arm .... but maybe Ikea can help me with that as well.

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