I hate when food flavors and descriptions lie to me. I'm a pretty willing consumer and I like to be considered an early adopter whether it be about technology or potato chips. While actually does make my heart flutter, nothing makes me feel as good as snack food (except the day I got my Mac Book).

I'm always looking for new foods to try ... and this has lead to me to a few great loves. Pop Chips were a great find. So were Crispy Green snacks... I particularly liked the peaches and the apricots.

So when my friend Ria recently recommended Gnu Bars to me, I was pretty much on board. Ria is a big fan of the Orange Cranberry which to be honest has a very serious orange cranberry smell. She actually did a whole blog post about her love of the Gnu Bars (link here). Thankfully Gnu has built sample packs with each of the 7 flavors for $10.95. 

The first bar I tried was Banana Walnut - delicious. Huge Fan. The second bar I tried today .... Peanut Butter .... not as good.

There is no remnant of peanut butter flavor in this bar. I'm not saying I'm not a fan of Gnu bars ... because so far I am - but it is a complete lie in my mind to say this is a peanut butter bar.

Thankfully, my salad was phenomenal .... and overcompensated for the flavorless Gnu Bar.

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  1. I should also get credit for introducing you to pop chips. I like the idea of putting the pears snack into salad. Great find! Woot woot!


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