I'm lazy

I've been a lazy blogger recently.

I apologize.

I know this won't help but here is a picture of my new Asics running shoes. I went for my first run in them today and it was pretty great. I've tried to get back into running the last few weeks... and a new pair of sneaks will most certainly help ... as will my new Lululemon top that I bought while I was in Philadelphia. Oops :)

While I always get a whole lot of use out of my shoes, I hate paying $100 for them. Once a year I get lucky and I use my REI dividend and the 20% off coupon to save some sheckles. I managed to get these shoes for $65 with free shipping.

I feel pretty great about that... and so should you.

(I'll try to be a better blogger this week.... I hope you've missed me)

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