Why isn't it all connected?

On Saturday, I'm leaving to take a trip (ahem Spring Break) to the Dominican Republic. As someone who likes to dot all of the i's and cross all of the t's before travelling, I began making all the calls needed (bank, credit card, cell phone, etc).

In this age of information tracking, I'd love to know why I need to continually repeat my account numbers to the people at Bank of America. I would understand if they asked me different questions in order to "validate" - but to completely reiterate my 16 digit ATM card? Seems silly.

When I asked why I needed to say the whole string of numbers again, she said "oh, we don't get that information. I need it so I can pull up your account." So where does my information go?

After we clear that first hurdle, the BOA person apparently felt I wasn't answering her questions well enough and flagged my account for fraud. Fraud. How do I get this Fraud flag removed from my account? I have to send a fax showing my identification and 3 signatures. Really BOA, a fax? This is 2010 and if you are trying to ascertain that it's me .... anyone can send that fax.

These are probably questions I'll never get answered.

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