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Intel Leads $3.5 Billion Effort to Advance U.S. Tech and Innovation

From the article on Mashable, it was announced that Intel is leading 24 venture capital firms and 17 technology companies in an effort to bring 10,500 new jobs to college grads and $3.5 billion dollars into American technology companies.

What's this all about? The initiative is called "Invest in America Alliance".

What's the goal? Essentially committing America through public and private efforts to a program that will drive its economic growth in competition with other developing nations ... (think BRIC nations).

From Intel's CEO (Mr. Otellini):
“Unfortunately, long-term investments in education, research, digital technology, and human capital have been steadily declining in the U.S. So, too, has the commitment to policies that made us such an entrepreneurial powerhouse for more than a century.” 
So who are some of the players in this new innovation alliance? There are 24 VC firms and 17 corporations: Accenture, Adobe, Autodesk, Broadcom, CDW, Cisco, Dell, eBay, EMC, GE, Google, HP, Intel, Liberty Mutual, Marvell Semiconductor, Microsoft and Yahoo.

The article link also has a few video clips from the press conference today. They are nice and short ... and most certainly worth a few minutes of your time.

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