Interesting Article of the Day - Thursday

I'm a pretty big fan of statistics.

In fact, I love them.

To be clear, I'm not any good at confidence intervals, betas, and whatever else comes in the same category... but I love talking about statistics and who is buying and using what.

So, today on Gizmodo I saw two articles which I found were really interesting. One was about the gender divide amongst a few "smart phone" platforms, and then second was the age breakdown over the same platforms.

Lessons learned: dudes like androids significantly more than girls do... and if you own an iPod touch there is a 65% chance you are sub 17 years old. Both of these points make sense if you look at the products.

  • The Android is fairly unattractive and has square edges. Not that my blackberry is gorgeous and iphone like pretty, but it is certainly easier to hold and more appealing to the eye than the boxy Android. (Note, the android falls into the product category of something that I'd love to try ... for free)
  • The Touch essentially gives parents the opportunity to satisfy a kid's need for the functionality of the iphone without the phone - which they can get on their own family plan like package. No internet charges with the Touch. In the same context, this makes sense that Admob reports the Touch has more app downloads than any other platform. The 65% market segment of teens can't pay for applications, so that rationalizes why the Touch dominates the free app downloads but is closer on the paid apps.
Androids are a dude fest
The ipod touch is for the young'ns

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