So, we like to make videos....

.....What about it?

As you might have seen on the weather recently, Boston has been getting totally dumped on this year in terms of snow. Lots of it. Not melting.

I've seen some pretty great snowfall graphics over the past few weeks as people take their frustration about being buried out through charts (hello, passive aggressive) .... but don't google "Boston snowfall chart" and expect something super up-to-date. I just did and the first hit came from the NOAA website. You'd think this was legit - but the data stops in 1998.

But, here is a better link where you can compare this season to prior Boston snow seasons.

Crazy even made a "Shaq-o-meter" graphic so you can compare the snow to the height of Celtic's player Shaq O'Neal.

Anyway.... after all this snow I finally had to get out and play in some of it. So little brother and I went sledding this past weekend near the house. Here is a video of our efforts:

So enjoy... and perhaps I'll be cutting back on the bagels.

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