I'm a good date

I'm long overdue on a few blog posts, one of which is the post about ice skating in Rockefeller Center.

Back in November / December, I took myself on a date after work. It was the best kind of date in that it was a total surprise and I had a great time, even though... I didn't have socks. I know... feel free to be grossed out. Its okay.

I happened to get out of work at 8 pm and went back to the hotel to throw on some jeans and head to Rockefeller Center. I did not intend on skating since the previous evening had been the lighting of the tree and it was bananas. I couldn't get within 2 blocks of the tree thanks to one too many strollers and police barriers. But, I got to the Rock and there was no line for skating. Miracle.

So enjoy the pictures ... and the video.

not a bad self-portrait if I say so myself

Pretty sweet view from the ice looking up

true story. I asked a police officer to take this picture for me.

After my lovely skate ... and don't worry I got my cash money's worth .... I skated for nearly 2 hrs. Solo. Talk about endurance... anyway, so after my skate I took myself to dinner at Fig & Olive. My mom had recommended this place to me a few months prior but I finally got there to try it out. I sat myself down at the bar and the bartender began to make polite conversation with me. He asked me where I had been since I had rosy cheeks, when I told him I had been ice skating his FIRST response was "oh on a date?". No sir, not a date. Do you see anyone else with me? No. Just me. What I actually told me was something quite close to "yep, a date with myself and I'm a pretty good time".

Anyway, the meal was delish and here are a few (poor) pictures.

So this post was way long overdue.... and I probably would never have posted it but it was really such a fun night that I figured it was only fair.

peace out girl scout.

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  1. You're too damned cute to have done that all alone!


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