Dear Florida...

... get ready.

Baby sister is beginning her life as a working professional in March and we decided to celebrate this by burning some of my Hilton points. The plans have changed 6-19 times as hotels have become booked and flights have become more expensive... but its finalized.

Thanks to the fact that I on average live in Hilton 3-5 days a week we are staying at the Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton. The original plan was to feel super out of place and non-trendy in Miami but apparently everyone else also wanted to do that and the awesome Hilton on South Beach was booked up. Also... flights to Miami were crazy expensive and it didn't matter if we went from Boston or NYC. Its like everyone else is tired of being in the Snowy North or something... weird.

I've heard Boca Raton is crazy nice and .... expensive. So we'll probably steal as much as possible from breakfast and see how far my Diamond Status can get us for freebies. When I was trying to figure out how to best get to the fun castle, I opened the "Map & Directions" page. There are directions to arrive by plane, limo ... and yacht.

In the event, this adventure needed any extra comedic relief... we're flying Spirit Airlines. It was hard to argue with the price compared to the other airlines. We are each paying $300 to fly roundtrip direct to Florida.... Delta was the closest competitor at $650. The best part about Spirit - besides the name - is that they want to charge you for EVERYTHING. Picking seats ($10-$75), carry-on bags ($20), checked bags ($18) ... I'm half expecting they'll expect me to pay for oxygen if I start laughing too much during flight.

The adventure starts next Thursday at 6 am so stay tuned .... oh, and we'll be bringing the FlipCam with us.

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