A Giant Tribute ...

.... or perhaps a tribute to something that was a giant?

A few weeks ago, one of the family cats passed away suddenly. Abner was 5 years old and a very unique cat. Its hard to describe Abner but if I had to pick a few words/phrases they'd probably include: giant, black, scared of his own shadow, and loyal.

We adopted Abner with his sister and for some reason chose to name them Abner and Gladys after the crazy neighbors on Bewitched. Can't quite remember how we came to this decision but a name is a name and it stuck.

Abner had a crazy special bond with my sister and although we all knew it you can really see it in the pictures. This cat quite literally would run to meet her when she came home and would spoon with her. Special is one word to describe their relationship.

Abner was so big that he could never manage to keep a collar on either. We aren't totally sure how he managed to break free of them but we would often find them on our front steps or at the end of the driveway when some unknown neighbor would bring them back to us. It got to the point where we ran out of tags because he lost collars after about 2 weeks of having them.

As a tribute to the giant black wonder of a cat, I went through the 7000 pictures that I have on my computer for the last few years and found some of Abner. (Some of the pictures have comments so be sure to click the little comment bubble on the side so you can see them)

When Kerrianne was abroad in Spain for 6 months, we even made a video of the cats for her as an Easter present. The video quality is pretty poor but here a few others I found in my hunt.

Abner you'll be missed but perhaps we can have a normal baby pool without fear now.

Peace out.

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