The music taste of 11 year old boys

I will admit that I have questionable music taste at times. I have openly and knowingly procured an embarassing amount of pop music fit for the collection of teenage girls. I'm not going to share my music library with you ... but I'll leave you with the fact that I own the entire KeSha album. Fact.

A few years ago, my sister and I gave my brother an iPod nano. He loves music and from an early age played with iTunes. Frankly its intimidating how he can name artists, whereas his oldest and most beautiful sister (that would be me) can only name pop stars and none of the "old greats" that everyone else seems to know.

Besides this, Jake has less than 200 songs in his iTunes. He's crazy selective and will actually delete music. I am completely the opposite and will keep all of my music forever. I just checked and I have 3,297 songs. I'm not saying its all quality - but that's what I have.... after all I do have 27 Avril Lavigne tracks and 18 Ashlee Simpson tracks.


I gave Jake my entire music library and told him to pick the songs he'd like me to give him... and this is what he picked.

He also asked if he could be Eminem for Halloween ...

Oh well.

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