Sightings in the Big Apple

A few years ago, I gave up "celebrity gossip" for Lent. It was challenging for sure - but very revealing as to how much time I was actually spending checking in on Britney Spears mental status or Paris Hilton's latest boyfriend. I'm honestly not sure why I find these things interesting or compelling, but I do. As a result, all of this time spent in the Big Apple brought me a bit of hope that I would see a celebrity or two. I managed to make it through all of last week without a single sighting but thankfully my luck has changed.

This morning, I was at Starbucks on 35th and 5th when I spotted a 12 year old in fedora. Now, I guess I can't be sure that it was Wolfie from "9 by Design" but it sure as hell looked a whole lot like him. Since we know I need to fact check even my own facts ... I found an article on AOL's Housing Watch that essentially said the family has moved on/out despite being unable to sell the pad. I'm not totally sure that the fam has up and moved to the other side of the town near me... but who knows.

So, maybe I'm wrong. But who knows. (Pic Source). All I do know is that I posted it on Twitter and Facebook - and if I post it there that means its true. No?

Moving on.

When I left my building for lunch today I saw a small film crew setting up right outside on the curb. As I was getting lunch yesterday, I saw signs posted throughout Madison Square Park alerting people that by being in the area they were essentially giving their consent to be on film, so I wasn't totally surprised to see more action today. One of the guys that I was with asked one of the crew what they were filming and apparently it was for a "documentary on trailers". Now, I lack a certain bit of clarity on what kind of trailers ...

A quick Twitter search revealed a bunch of pictures that people had taken including this one:

According to Twitter (not sure I ever thought I'd quote Twitter), Gary Busey is in town filming the Apprentice and taking part in a challenge with Lil Jon and Mark McGrath. Can't say, I miss seeing Mark McGrath but here's hoping I run into Lil Jon again and perhaps his Crunk Juice.

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