2019 Intentions - Status Update

I stumbled upon my own 2019 Intentions post last week - and realized I was dropping the ball. So with half the year almost behind us, it seemed like a good time to check-in and see how I was doing across the board.

I can say with a great degree of confidence, I am failing fabulously in every area except sleep. I'm not super upset with myself at all but cognizant I should be achieving more. It is not that hard to try a new coffee shop.

As a refresher, here were my goals:
  • 12 Books
  • 12 different restaurants/coffee shops/farmers markets
  • Health goals (good sleep, great water)
  • Continue meditation practice
  • More letters/packages in the mail

As of last Friday I had:

  • read 0 books
  • been to 1 new restaurants / coffee shops (local only. traveling doesn't count)
  • mediocre to poor water drinking
  • excellent attention to sleep
  • poor meditation practice
  • mediocre to poor letters in the mail
I have made some improvements in the last couple days. It could be better but I have already read one book. And let's be honest, knowing that I'm failing at my goals is half the battle. I can be better and these aren't impossible goals. I pretty much just have to drink water, send nice notes in the mail, and pick up some lunch to eat while I read a book. I can do this.

  • Books // I I have quickly turned this around and already read one book. I picked it up on Saturday morning and quickly crushed it while lounging on my front porch. It was a great read. Summer is really my reading season so I should be able to get half my goal accomplished in the warm beach months.
  • New shops // There is a new general store in the next town over that I'm excited to try out. If nothing else, I hear it has wonderful potato salad and that is really the key to my heart if we are being honest.
  • Meditation // Real bad here. I have even stopped going to yoga mostly so I'm very much in a meditation debt. 
  • Letters // I have put a few letters in the mail but could be better about it. Most recently I mailed a note to my 97 year old neighbor who is seriously adorable. But I have a whole pile of stamps so I could be a lot better about this.
  • Health Goals // I am vigilant about my sleep. I will leave any social occasion and turn off any tv show when it gets to my bedtime. I do think there is a chance that I might need a new mattress ... 

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