ye old garden update

It's been quite a hot second since the last garden update... and things are doing well. I hate to say "Great" because I feel like that is the fastest way to jinx anything - especially a garden. So how are things going? Pretty solid. Last year there was this period of crazy rain the first big growing month, but this year the weather has been friendly to the garden overall.

I'm loving the layout but never actually got around to filling in the revised slate patio area. Maybe one day this week I'll bring back the remaining required stones to complete it. I'm hosting a gathering in early August and it would be nice to show off a completed project. Or at least as completed as a garden ever is.

Veggie Updates:
  • spinach // failure. no other words for it.
  • carrots // not as thick as last year but that's because I planted less. Looking good so far.
  • cucumbers // thriving so much its nuts. I gave two to the mail lady and one to a neighbor. Chances are I'll give one to the UPS guy when he comes on Monday.
  • squash // unclear. totally buried by the cucumbers.... they are taking over the garden.
  • snap peas // almost past their prime. I'll do a final harvest in the next day or so. Cautiously optimistic that I can get another batch in this year.
  • beans // really shooting up. No beans yet, but lots of white flowers.
  • peppers // another weak year. They were looking so good at the start but now they appear to be shrinking. I really didn't know that was possible.
  • tomatoes // Overall, great growth! Initially it did look like I was going to have a "4th of July" tomato on the 4th but now its that 22nd and they are just turning a shade of red. The Midnight Snack cherries are also turning and will be ready in a few days. Black Truffle has tons of fruit growing and those are my favorite
Flower Updates:
  • Dusty Miller // it's alive for sure but by no means as productive and big as prior years. I had to replace a few of the legacy plants after the winter. It is clear that Lowe's doesn't do as well as the variety I used before from Floret Flowers.
  • Dahlias // all of them popped up. Need to remember to stake them soon. I really want to keep them upright this year so preserve some of the blooms.
  • Gladiolus // All 6 popped up but only 5 are looking strong. I have no idea when these babes will bloom but I'm looking forward to it.
  • Cosmos // first round of seeds were a failure. second round of seeds is doing well. 
  • "I can't remember" // Obviously not the exact name of the seeds but something else that I planted. They do look deceptively like crab grass.. but are hopefully going to be flowers. I'm 90% confident that I'm not growing crab grass.
  • Sunflowers // I expanded this section of the cutting garden by probably an extra foot this year and it has really made a difference. Last year it appeared that only one row of taller flowers was growing and this year it is more like 2.5 rows. It's very thick. The birds did a real number of the first couple rounds of seeds so I'm not sure what is left... but two sunflowers did bloom this week.

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