dat super moon

It feels like we are about three weekends into Fall and so much of my weekend pictures have been at a beach during daylight hours. But, I'm hoping my new camera pushes me to try out different locations and subjects. The recent super moon has been the ideal opportunity to try some new skills... and fail a bit at them.

The super moon is not a new concept except that it's apparently extra super right now. The moon is the closest it's been since 1948. Combined with a perfectly coordinated sunset and good weather, I thought I would take my experiments on the road. Yesterday and today were apparently the most optimal days so I thought I would casually go to the Harbor and take some pictures. Turns out, this wasn't a new idea. I've never seen so many tripods or big cameras in my life. It was nuts.

Despite having looked up "how to photograph the super moon", I never thought to try out the settings before hand. As a result some of the photos were a bit of a fail. Sunday? I only brought my 50 mm lens - but the lighting was the best. Monday? I brought my zoom lens but wasn't sharp enough to get the lighting of the moon and the lighthouse. I actually overheard some guy reading out his settings to his tripod neighbor... but wasn't fast enough to get them in myself. Felt like I was trying to cheat on a high school math test.

But honestly. It was kind of a perfect night. I was listening to a Spotify playlist with my new big headphones, drinking a Dunkin iced tea, leaning on the back of my jeep... just waiting for the moon to rise. And when it did rise? Headphones came off and just listened to the constant sound of cameras snapping away. It might be my new form of heaven.
[top] Monday super moon
[1] Sunday pre-moon rise
[2 - 4] Sunday moon rise
[5] Monday pre-moon rise

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