a new perfect trail

I believe we are firmly into the Fall season right now. I know this because all I can see is beautiful brightly colored leaves. I honestly thought last weekend would have been the peak but now I'm convinced it is... right now. So go outside immediately. 

I also know it's Fall because all I want to do is take walks outside. I'm a walker in all the seasons but something about Fall and Spring make me want to explore too. I leave the comforts of my neighborhood and its sea glass walks for trails through the woods, along the marsh, and really anything with a bit of a path. At the same time, I do have a habit of falling back to things that are comfortable ... like taking an easy walk through Norris Reservation in Norwell. 

But the problem with a fallback is that it is often swamped with other people who love that place - and the parking lot gets so full that you can't go there. So instead, you go to Trader Joe's and pick up some of your favorites like diced pancetta, gingersnaps, and multiple types of cheese. But - on the way back from TJ's, I saw this perfectly green field lined with colored trees. Turns out the perfectly green field is connected to a perfectly manicured trail that edges another field. And that perfect trail then turns into a wooden bridge that weaves through the trees and over a babbling stream.

According to this website, the pathway is about 2 miles long but I limited myself to 20 minutes so I wouldn't miss yoga. The path has a little bit of bounce to it as it hovers above the forest floor. I love that they built the path over all the old stone walls instead of through them. In the event I was planning on getting lost in the magic of the pathway, a sudden hail storm really reminded me that I had other plans to get to. 

Moral of the story? A full parking lot can be a secret blessing. Can't wait to check this out after the first good snow fall. It's going to gorgeous.

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