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EVERYONE: Where are you going on your vacation?

ME: Nowhere.

... and it was perfect. Summer is by far my favorite time of year. The sun is up for an eternity. You get a few freckles. Showering can be skipped for dips in the ocean. Hot dogs can be an entire meal. Where is the downside? Maybe bug bites.

In the course of my week off, I'm not exactly sure what I did. It was like I reverted back to last summer when all that needed to happen was some light emailing in the morning, beach walks, boat rides, podcasts, and BLTs. Without a doubt, I weigh more than I did 9 days ago. I said no to nothing. All the BLTs, french fries, blueberry donuts, cakes, and hashbrowns I wanted. 

Primary activities? Trips to the pool, dips in the ocean, celebrating my birthday for several days, blueberry picking TWICE, and entertaining friends for the weekend. Now it's Sunday and I'm emotionally preparing to stand at my desk for 8 hours tomorrow. Ugh.

[1 - 2] amazing storm ... leads to a big ole bright rainbow... and gorgeous sunset. It did feel like the apocalypse was coming. Cooked some delicious steak salads for K and her boyfriend. Didn't feed them enough ... so they apparently ate hot dogs immediately after they got home.
[3] Blueberry picking
[4] BLTs by the pool. Flashbacks to last summer. They are much improved... and I ate all the fries.
[5] Didn't get out kayaking nearly enough but it was perfectly nice out one afternoon. Even pulled my legs up for a little easy floating.
[6] We had two birthday dinners with my favorite foods. Dinner 1 = hot dogs. Dinner 2 = BLTs.
[7] Beautiful ocean day
[8] On Tuesdays my parents and their friends all meet for Summer dinner. I'm not sure I've ever seen the lighthouse look so beautiful. If I'm being honest, I stopped here and played Pokemon Go too.
[9] Just a little beachy afternoon
[10] Pretty proud of my sunflowers.
[11] Perks of being home during the day? Lunch with Baby Brother at his favorite place with his favorite meal. "Goldfinger Pizza"
[12] I ate a lot blueberry donuts this week
[13] Harvested the first tomatoes from the garden for a family salad. These are the "Garden Peach" variety
[14 - 16] Took Meghan to all the best places. Seafood dinner on the river at Roht Marine and  for dessert. There are few things more beautiful than the river at Magic Hour.
[17] While I love cooking on my own, the meals that I make with Meghan are always better. This meal was clean-plate delicious. I'll be making this salad again ASAP.
[18 - 19] popsicle and marsh watching
[20 - 22] Took myself blueberry picking in the rain this morning. I had an inkling the blueberries would be perfect... and I was right.
[23] Big ole tomato. This is the "Cherokee Purple" variety.

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