that time of year...

It's peony season.

There is something amazing, perfectly romantic and feminine about the scent of peonies. Which means, it's that time of year I dream of constantly smelling the scent of peonies. It also feels like it's right about now that the ocean starts to smell like summer salt water. I'd like to combine these two... and then live in it forever.

I waited a few days too long to capture my first vase of the season... and they might be a little past their prime ... but don't worry, they still smell amazing. It's also slightly raining today - which gives us just enough reason to not feel guilty for oversize sweatshirts, indoor time, and lots of coffee.

After this torturous winter, I'm so excited to finally be outside legitimately - as opposed to trudging through gross weather. When I was home this weekend, we did all the things that you do to signify great sun and fun are on their way. The garden was planted. The first creamsicle coolatta was purchased at Dunkins... and we put our toes in the water again. The tide was so high that the boardwalk out to the Spit was covered... and Ruby May got her first swim. All that is left to do is make our first trip to JJ's Dairy Hut... 

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