A weekend in Boone

While I haven’t necessarily been writing as much, I’ve often found myself referring to previous travel posts when talking to friends. This weekend alone I was at a wedding in North Carolina and made reference to my Italy posts for Venice and Rome… as well as the Fall adventure to Mendocino in California. Although, I’m not necessarily writing as much about day-to-day hubub…. I would love to always make sure I keep track of these travel posts.

In the spirit of that… and the wedding attended… here is quick rundown on my jaunt to Boone, North Carolina. Yes Boone… as in Daniel Boone. It was also rated of the Top 10 places to retire in 2012… unfortunately, I’m far from that milestone. One of my friends - and the bride! - is from this tucked away area in the Blue Ridge Mountains so it was a natural choice for a wedding location. Fortunately / Unfortunately, I enjoyed myself too much with friends and festivities to take many pictures of the ceremony and reception but rest assured  - it was beautiful. 

Between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, I managed to squeeze in some great rocking chair time between light treks to the waterfall, unexpected mountain drives, and pulled pork / biscuit domination. I’ve always been a sucker for a vista - and this really knocked it out of the park.

[1-2] Amazing flight views. I managed to get upgraded for my entire flight to Charlotte - which blessed me with some seriously amazing views of my hometown and NYC. I've been taking pictures out of windows for years and honestly never had such a great view.
[3, 14] Valle Crucis. Most of the wedding guests stayed at this inn/conference center right near by. Before coming they told me there would be rocking chairs... and that was not a lie. I probably spent as much time sitting in these chairs as I did at the actual wedding.  
[4] Never upset about a little bonfire - especially when it comes with smores.
[5] Quiet mornings. I'm almost always one of the first people up in the morning. There is something rather great to me about getting my quiet morning time with a cup of coffee. Couple that experience with this view and you've got a winner.
[6-7] Waterfall. There was a pretty majestic little waterfall behind the inn - and by behind I mean a 15 minute hike completely uphill... but very much worth it. Ann and I walked up here twice (once on Friday, once on Saturday morning). I can imagine in the summer it is a great little place to cool off. Btw, on our 2nd trip back we happened to run into a large (my perception) black snake. I did not enjoy this moment, nor did I keep my cool. 
[8] Blue Ridge Parkway. We had a little time on Saturday afternoon for a drive pre-wedding. I think we kind of missed actually seeing Grandfather Mountain - but very much worth the excursion.
[9] wedding club. Hanging with the besties.
[10] Night. The wedding was held in the middle of a beautiful field surrounding by perfectly maintained fences, streams, trees, etc. You could see ALL of the stars because the only real lighting came from lanterns and candles.  
[11- 14] The Valley was a pretty gorgeous place - and a lot of the flowers were really beginning to bloom. During the last morning there I managed to see the fog roll through as the sun crept above the mountain tops. Pretty perfect. 
[15] barn hunting. We passed this barn a few times during our weekend and kept meaning to stop. We finally did on our way out of town super early. 

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