Wine & Raisins // Day 1

I'm currently sitting in a 4 poster bed, drinking a glass of wine courtesy of the B&B... and eating yogurt covered raisins. I'm not mad - but I am tired.

It wasn't exactly a short journey to get to this point. I drove for over 4 hours, visited 2 airports, flew for 8 hours, and ate 3 bags of mini Delta pretzels. I was on a pretty tight timeline today which resulted in me needing to meet a particular woman by 3:30 pm. The timeline did not allow for highway traffic, nevermind excessive flight delay. As a result, I sprinted through the Salt Lake City airport and politely pleaded to be let on an earlier delayed flight. It worked. For extra dramatic flair? The minute I sat in my new seat I got a text from Delta that my original flight had been delayed 3 hours. 

I'm in SF for a long weekend as part of a family activity that I accomplished today. I'll be leaving on Monday ... and until then I'm going to eat goldfish, listen to XM radio and cruise the coast.

Here's a quick summary of the day:
  • On my flight out of Boston, I ended up in a row all by myself. Miracle. [1, 2]
  • After landing in SLC, sprinting for a flight and convincing the gate agent to let me on, I ended up next to this guy who didn't seem married, then clearly was, but still closed our 2 hour flight with "I really should get to Boston soon". Thanks for wasting my ENTIRE FLIGHT buddy. I paid for wifi and I didn't get to watch any Golden Girls. [3, 4]
  • I forgot how big California is. It's super big [5].
  • I found this hotel randomly on my first flight. Calistoga Wine Way Inn is adorable. I am sleeping in a 4 poster bed. The room has the original beadboard from 1910 and they have free wifi... and will make me breakfast in the morning. I think this also means bacon. [6]
  • The Inn is in downtown Calistoga... so on my way to dinner at Jole. I stopped at about a million small adorable shops (Blackbird, Calistoga Olive Oil, Maxine's, etc). I even tried blackberry balsamic (I recommend it for ice cream) and fancy popcorn [9]
  • For dinner, I ate a salted cod, over tomato stew with fingerling potatoes and saffron aoili. I am not joking. Also the bread was warm... and the butter soft... and salt on the side was clearly artisan. [7, 8]

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