Lighthouses & Seals // Day 4

A few weeks ago, my Jawbone stopped working... but if it was still working, today would have been a very active day. I went for a super long walk ... followed by 4 hours of driving with some great views. I am very thankful that I saved an entire day for Point Reyes Park. I barely scratched the surface of it and it took me 3 hours or so.

I don't want to jinx it, but I feel like I've gotten pretty lucky this trip. The weather has been solid, the views have been great, and my last-minute decision making hasn't really bit me. Also, my electric rental car has been a huge savings in gas. By some rough calculations, I've driven 700 miles and gas has only cost be $80 which is amazing.

Sausalito Morning
Yesterday when I was walking through town, I saw so many people on bikes. When I woke up I really wanted to watch sunrise... and then immediately rent a bike. Turns out nobody else was awake and specifically nobody wanted to rent me a bike. Instead of biking across the bridge, I just walked to it. Not quite the same, but still a good morning activity. While I don't directly regret this... it would have been much easier to drive. Next time.

ALSO, while I was pacing the harbor looking at the sunrise, I saw seals! They were super close to shore too... like maybe 8 feet? There was this other guy taking pictures and he completely did not notice a seal watching him.
Before my marathon 6 mile walk, I got breakfast at the Sausalito Bakery & Cafe... also the only place open (besides Starbucks). My cinnamon bun came with about 75 life affirmations in a row, including but not limited to: Enjoy Life. Savor the moments while you can. Don't rush. Why rush? It'll still be there. Take care of yourself. Enjoy the moment. Don't be messy... Or DO!

For the record, all I asked was whether I should sit outside or take it to go.

Point Reyes
I honestly wasn't totally sure if I was going to go until I had checked out and was in the car - but I'm so glad that I did. While the park itself was only an hour away, the lighthouse itself was an additional hour into the park. After getting a map and some tips at the welcome center, I was ready.

Point Reyes Station
I stopped at this seriously cute town for gas and lunch. I'm not sure what happens here but everyone and their brother loves to bike. This town appears to be some sort of resting point because it looked like a carnival of bikers had come to town. There were plenty of options for lunch, but I stumbled into this big barn-like building that was home to Cowgirl Creamery. I wanted everything... but settled on a grilled chicken sandwich.

Lighthouse & Seals
The drive out to Point Reyes is not short - but it is easy to be distracted by the scenery. For almost the entire 20 miles, you are just winding your way through cattle farms. I can say winding because it is again a case of the curvy roads. I will be thankful when I'm back to driving on nice straight roads.

The whole journey to the point was amazing. After you get to the end of the road, you then have to walk a half mile to the lighthouse keeper house. Then, you have to walk down 308 steps to actually get to the lighthouse. As soon as you get to the top of the steps, it is a complete wow moment. It feels like you are at the end of the world.

Apparently this spot is amazing to watching whales migrate.... in about a month. So I'm early and didn't see any whales... but still pretty breathtaking.

After making it back up the 308 steps, I visited a few other lookout points and ate my lunch. This sounds a bit obvious but I was really taken aback by how completely powerful the waves were. I also don't think I have even really seen waves like this from above. You can really see how powerful they are and movements of the water... even from such a distance. A bit overwhelming.

The other thing to note is that this area is FILLED with elk. The first time that I saw one I got really excited .... and then I saw them everywhere. Babies, Ladies... and even a few big gentlemen elk. I was going to originally eat my lunch at this one lookout point but I couldn't get there because the path was blocked by a small gang of Elk. While they seemed completely unconcerned with me, I didn't want to get too close.

Before leaving the park, I stopped at this place known for having elephant seals. It was a small walk from the parking lot, but totally worth it. The beach was filled with sleeping seals... and a bunch of males were fighting in the water. It was like I was on a National Geographic special.
 Sutro Baths
On my way back to San Francisco, I stopped at the Sutro Baths. I had originally seen this on Instagram a couple years ago and always wanted to visit. While I'm glad I came, it certainly wasn't the most memorable stop of the weekend. I was kind of disappointed by all the trash. But, if you use your imagination you can really see how impressive this must have been in 1896.

This actually a place for couples to go. I think 80% of the people here were couples taking pictures of each other walking on the different little ledges. Maybe you like it more if you have someone to take artistic pictures of you at dusk?

Tomorrow? I'm going home. I've checked into the Hilton (surprise) for the night. I already built a big nest of pillows, raided the lounge for snacks, and ate In n Out in bed.

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