one year ago ... and today

One year ago, I was doing this.

I've been thinking a fair bit about how I wish I was doing that again... and now. I miss Italy. But, I'll go back... and I'll eat just as much gnocchi, prosciutto, and prosecco ... if not more.

Instead of going to Italy this April, I've been filling my time with other things... like finding an apartment and moving. Today, I officially got the keys to my new apartment. I keep waiting to hear the catch. The apartment has wood floors, exposed brick, and is a block from the water. Plus, there is a giant window sill for Eleanor to sit on and watch people walk by. People aren't the same as birds... and I'll certainly miss this tree outside my bedroom ... but I'm really excited.

After I got the keys, I decided to walk all of my hanging clothes from one apartment to another. I could do that because they are 5 minutes apart. It only took me 16 minutes to walk a rolling suitcase filled with sundresses and dry-clean only shirts I never wear across the neighborhood, hang them up, and walk back. That's pretty close. There isn't a final move date on the calendar yet - but I'm really excited about the whole thing.
Funny story? 

As I was walking back to my "old" apartment, this old man was walking behind me. The conversation went like this:
Him: You just get off a plane or something?
Me: Nope. Not me!
Him: Well why are you hauling that suitcase around behind you then?
Me: Oh! Just laundry day!
Him: Ha. I've got maids to do that for me.
Me: That's nice! Nope, not me!
Him: You go to school around here?
Me: Nope, not me!
Him: Well you look like a yuppie.
Me: Ok. 

And for some reason, I still don't want to leave this neighborhood.

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