on vacation

I'm on vacation for a few days. 

It's the first "vacation" that I've taken in pretty much exactly a year. December doesn't count because I was between jobs... and so there was really nothing to relax from beside the previous day of cross-country skiing.

I oscillate between really liking to maximize my days and wanting to do absolutely nothing. I want to wake up early, go for runs and bike rides, sit and do absolutely nothing, and never leave the vacation property. I have an Amazon package being delivered today with a few books to read because I'm not willing to drive 10 mins to an "adorable bookstore" (in the words of my mom).

I don't like to feel like I've missed anything so I'll probably try to find all the pools on the property. Ride my bike on all the paths that are possible. Find the best spot to catch sunset. I might even cook a location inspired dinner. Do fish and plantains go together? I also have a strong craving for donuts and feel like this place might have some good ones.

[top photo] View of Minot from the middle seat. Window seat guy didn't even care that it looked like I was taking a picture of his legs. He clearly doesn't know how great the view is.
[1-3] Taking off over Atlanta. Wine in first class. Broken jet bridge. Not all things can be perfect. Not pictured? The entire bag of Gardetto's snack mix that I crushed for dinner.
[4] Loads of lily pads around the property. Personal mission? Find a frog on one. Does that actual happen? or is it just in the Disney movies?
[5 - 6] Crazy foggy morning run ... which has now completely burned off.
[7] Sunrise + lily pads + fog = not bad at all

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